Product Warranties

  1. Subject to the limitations set out below, Coast Living will warrant the product (goods)
 sold against faulty material and/or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery of the product to your premises.
  2. Should a failure occur, and a complaint or claim arise, a claim must be sent in writing to
 Coast Living within 7 days of the defect occurring or within 3 days of damaged/defective
 goods being delivered. This claim must include detailed photographs of the problem.
  3. The above warranty does not apply to damage or failure which in the reasonable
 judgement of:
    a) Coast Living is included in, but not excluded by the following –
    b) Limitations –
    c) Normal wear and tear
    d) Damage caused by misuse, misapplication, negligence, alteration, or accident beyond normal wear and tear.
    e) Damaged caused by excessive or prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold.
    f) Damage caused by extreme weather conditions or acts of God
    g) Damage caused by lack of maintenance (eg regular washing in humid or coastal areas with high corrosion risk.)
    h) Damage caused by acidic or powerful cleaning substances or methods.
    i) Corrosion to chrome plated goods used in high corrosion areas such as extreme coastal or outdoor areas.
    j) Damage including chipping or wearing, especially on timber goods or goods vunerable by nature.
    k) Any damage incurred to products of an indoor nature being used outdoors.
  4. Coast Living accepts no responsibility or liability for consequential or incidental damages arising from or connected with the use of, or the performance of the product, or other direct or indirect damages relating to loss of property, revenues or profit.
  5. No other person is authorised to offer any other warranty on behalf of Coast Living.